CHALLENGE BistroMD’s aspiration was to elevate it’s image so it stood with the big brands in it’s sector. So our objective was to make sure we created precise differentiation for the brand that reflected it’s unique approach to delivering healthy fresh meals for customers who wanted to follow Dr. Cederquist’s plan. SOLUTION We created a branding strategy that lead with Dr. Cederquist’s science but also was down to earth and farm-fresh (important factors that delivered trust). The messaging and imagery reflect BistroMD’s core strengths but with a particular focus on the human stories of transformation that happen when people embark on the program. Plus, Dr. Cederquist and her husband are fantastic people with a genuine goal of helping people get healthy. We wanted to leverage this. IMPACT Through this process BistroMD has evolved to become a world-class brand. Having been featured on The Dr. Oz show, The Doctors, The Today Show, Steve Harvey, CNN Health, PopSugar, Redbook, Fitness, and the list goes on.

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