CHALLENGE Eco-Mail is a startup technology company that, with remarkable simplicity, transforms physical mail processing into a secure, reliable digital system using proven exchange technology for enterprise companies. The company had not invested in any sophisticated branding work and was looking to elevate their communications so they could better raise investment money and sell their platform to clients. SOLUTION We started by creating a positioning platform that focused on the transformative benefits of digital mail and how it could easily be implemented with the Eco-Mail platform. Our philosophy that messaging should be simple, emotional and full of personality is a feature that always helps with technology companies because technology marketing tends to be very feature focused. Owning a color, iconography and photography style also helps to differentiate the brand. IMPACT The transformation is making an impact. Some of the largest enterprise companies are integrating the Eco-Mail system. Sales are up. And the executives at Eco-Mail are proud of their new brand. That pride makes a real difference when they walk into a room to sell their product.

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