CHALLENGE: Despite being a division of the world's #1 major appliance brand and a global leader in consumer electronics, HaierAmerica was experiencing a high return rate among their air conditioning products. Haier needed to ramp up its sales for what is typically their peak selling season, the beginning of June through early August. Research showed that high product return rates directly correlated to uninformed purchases, AKAcustomers were purchasing the wrong AC units for their cooling needs. SOLUTION: To remedy the problem and enlighten consumers, we developed the "Wrong Way to Stay Cool" campaign around the AC SmartSelector App by Haier. The app streamlines the selection experience and helps guide consumers toward purchasing the perfect AC unit, specific to their needs and space. IMPACT: With an integrated marketing plan and a humor-based campaign, larger numbers of consumers are using the SmartSelector app and return rates among AC’s are on the decline.

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