John Joseph

Author John Joseph, famous for being the leader of one of the most influential punk rock bands in history, the Cro-Mags, teamed up with us to redefine and refine his personal brand. Starting with the design of his critically acclaimed autobiography The Evolution OF A Cro-Magnon. We helped John focus his brand positioning so that he was consistently disruptive in a manner that had a positive effect on culture and humanity. Creating a stand alone publishing company to put out his first book, we then helped sign John to the famed talent agency ICM, the mega-publisher Harper Collins, and most recently a partnership with EqualVision/MerchNow. His second book, Meat Is For Pussies (Harper Collins), which breaks down the notion that vegetarian men are wimps, has become notorious, sealing John’s reputation in modern culture as a society disruptor who uncovers falsities and corporate schemes beyond just the punk rock lyric. We continue to work with John to direct his brand and his career. It is one of the most creatively satisfying gigs we have.

Photos by Ray Lego and Forest Barber
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