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Feeling Is

Case Study // Anguilla

Helping a Caribbean jewel express their true nature and promote it to the world.


The island of Anguilla was looking to increase tourism without bringing cruise ships to the island. In addition, their highend tourism business was flourishing, but their mid-market offerings were not doing as well. Our goal was to create an awareness of this mid-market offering without affecting the higher-end market.


We knew that the island needed a compelling logo, tagline and branded communications system. Something more aspirational as the potential customer was looking for more than the normal Caribbean vacation. As a big idea we created “Feeling is Believing” (or FIB to the islanders) which worked as a stand alone ‘island mantra’. Using locals to ‘campaign the campaign’ was very effective in spreading the word around the island. Also, the visual graphic created was based on an abstract aerial view of the island. For the mid-market properties we created “Charming Escapes.” The idea here was to communicate a desirable but affordable alternative to the higher-end offerings on the island.


We delivered 30% more heads in beds our first year and annual tourism to the island grew at a steady rate of 15%. We increased that rate every year in the 3 subsequent years.


Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Website Design
Art Direction
Product Rendering

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