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Case Study // Bel-Fries

Taking one of the world’s most beloved foods and reinventing it’s mistaken history.


Here’s the thing. I bet you didn’t know that french fries didn’t come from France, right? Well, when we were asked to brand a new quick service french fry shop we quickly turned to learning about at the history of the food. We found that the authenticity came from Belgium, and that we Americans had wrongly named them french fries because we thought they came from France. How crazy is that?! So our challenge was to create a new brand that explained the authenticity through the name and the brand identity.


We coined the brand Bel-Fries. Simple and snappy, for authentic Belgian Fries, made in America. Bel-Fries is the Home of the Original (yes, that’s our tag). And we worked with the brilliant creative director, Jun Aizaki, and his team at Creme Design to create the branding and store’s interior design and architecture.


Bel-Fries is launching this year and it’s looking to quickly expand nationwide over the next 5 years. We’re looking to educate the world and turn them on to better fries.


Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Website Design
Art Direction
Product Rendering

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