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Creating a trusted brand in a sector that's full of broken promises.

J.F. Kiely Construction Company, founded in 1952, was looking to take their business to a new level through specific business strategies. Construction is a sector that typically puts less focus on brand identity. Kiely’s senior leadership is different. They have a modern vision of what branding is and how it can help them elevate and accelerate their business success. Our challenge was to re-brand them and help them bring the brand to life.

Working closely with their principles and senior team we carefully crafted a branding solution for Kiely that defined their master brand and created alignment with their sub-brands. Positioning the corporate name in a way that truly reflected their history (The Kiely Family of Companies) and creating a brand purpose (Building Trust) we created a compelling brand communication system.

Kiely has been transformed from a local family owned construction business into a multi-tiered construction powerhouse having seen significant growth over the period since we have been working with them.

Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Website Design
Art Direction
Product Rendering

Brand Idea:
Building Trust

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