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It's What's Inside
That Counts

Case Study // Olive Garden

Rebranding the largest Italian quick-service restaurant in America.


Consumers are visiting restaurants less often rather than simply changing where they visit. Restaurants in the casual dining space have started focusing on small plate offerings and/or lower margin offerings plus better branded dining experiences.


We developed a new brand identity and messaging system for Olive Garden to help elevate the brand experience at all touchpoints. Tapping into their Italian ‘back to basics’ roots, but in a modern, chef-focused, urban way. This gives them a new lease on life and creates excitement amongst customers and employees.


Olive Garden’s stock surged 4% after the launch, hitting a new all time high. Their new management team at Darden, high on the success, have taken other promotional steps to boost sales.


Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Website Design
Art Direction
Product Rendering

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