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Case Study // Mountain Dew

Working with mega-influencers to help Mountain Dew win in the urban market.


Mountain Dew is traditionally popular in rural and suburban areas. The brand set out to diversify their audience by increasing brand awareness and adoption among urban market extreme sport enthusiasts.


We created the Deweezy campaign by partnering with the Glu Agency and Lil’ Wayne. We were responsible for all creative executions – from digital to traditional – and developed both the name and identity for the campaign. The identity itself speaks to urban and “alternative” culture while also directly representing its namesake.


The Deweezy project transcended the work of a traditional campaign and instead became a brand unto its own. Through Deweezy, Mountain Dew became synonymous with the urban skateboarding movement and adoption of the product in urban areas has been significant with Mountain Dew seeing upwards ticks in the 7 – 15% range.


Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Website Design
Art Direction
Product Rendering

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