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Case Study // Sordoni

Helping a construction management company elevate their brand identity and marketing.


The construction industry tends not to focus on marketing and branding so that a well-branded company can gain a serious competitive advantage. Construction management company Sordoni president had plenty of opportunities to promote through signage on construction sites, but their brand identity wasn’t bold enough to cut through the visual noise. The company president came to us for help with this challenge.


Sordoni needed an unmistakable brand identity that would stand out clearly among all the scaffolding and machinery on a busy worksite. To make it happen, we went bold, putting together a striking color palette, strong typography, and bold iconography that would stand out in even the busiest landscape. We also crafted messaging, a web presence, and an SEO strategy to help Sordoni connect with high-end developers. Positioning Sordoni’s offering as “Construction on a Higher Level,” we elevated the brand to premiere status—a strong differentiator in a commodified industry.


Sordoni’s executive and sales teams were pleased with the new branding. They report that their new branding has helped them take their business to the next level onsite and online and that they’re winning more high-profile projects.


Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Website Design
Art Direction
Product Rendering

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