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Recalibrating and refreshing your brand is an ongoing discipline. We help clients take advantage of marketing opportunities by delivering creative solutions your competitors either can’t find, or aren’t bold enough to execute on.

Overview of Services

Brand Strategy and Positioning

Brand Strategy and Positioning begins with discovering and articulating your brand idea, which defines how you create desire and meaning for your customers. That idea drives the creation of a competitive market positioning that’s true to what you stand for. With our proven methodology, we can help you distill your brand’s unique attributes, position, and mission into a clear, concise, and distinctive brand story.

Our collaborative process is built on three guiding pillars: big, simple, and true. We use them to help businesses answer the two essential questions that drive a brand’s purpose: “What will you do for me?” and “What will you mean to me?” Great branding goes much deeper than logos and taglines. It’s the result of relevant strategy, compelling storytelling, and smart design maturing into consumer trust and brand loyalty.

Brand Identity & Design

Stand apart visually, not just with your logo, but consistently across every brand touchpoint and customer experience. Consumers are accustomed to world-class design, so your visual identity instantly impacts trust and desire—as an asset or as a hindrance. To help you compete in this environment, our design-driven approach to brand creation prioritizes a refined aesthetic, emotional resonance, and strict attention to business goals. 

Creating a distinctive and strategic visual identity demands that all the elements—typography, style, symbolism, and color—work in harmony to create lasting meaning. It also needs to be compelling and coherent across all media, digital, and analog. Our collaborative process employs design thinking techniques, workshops, and communication tools to ensure that your brand identity connects successfully with your target audience.

Naming, Messaging, and Brand Voice

A memorable, ownable brand name is a valuable asset that can last forever. So is a smart, coherent, and scalable naming system for your entire portfolio of products. With your strategic positioning in mind, we help develop your brand and product names, a messaging architecture that conveys the right ideas to the right audiences, and an authentic brand voice that accurately projects your values and personality.

We work closely with you to identify the needs and desires of your target audiences, including the development of psychographic profiles and personas. We then craft messaging that’s precisely-tailored to their needs and desires. Once approved, messaging is organized into a brand guide, or summarized in an easy-to-digest messaging matrix to ensure consistent communications across your organization.

Brand Marketing and Advertising

Strategic marketing and advertising are key components in driving brand awareness, success, and growth. With your well-thought-out brand identity, positioning, and story to guide them, your marketing and advertising become coherent, compelling, and highly effective. We’re here to help you navigate the entire process and to achieve the ideal balance of advertising-as-entertainment and advertising-as-thought leadership. 

Oversaturation has been a well-documented contributor to consumers’ shrinking attention spans. Experts at tuning out irrelevant advertising, today’s consumers are still moved by communications that feel authentic and provide real value. To ensure that your brand gets the attention it deserves, we leverage data and insights from digital advertising channels to engage consumers with strategic, targeted brand messaging.

Interactive and Digital Design

Digital culture is deeply tribal, visually sophisticated, creatively resourceful, inherently curious and playful, and always on. In particular, social media is a powerful vehicle for “word of mouth” recommendations and reputation-building. To harness the power and influence of these online communities, we craft seductive and relevant digital content, and we make sure that it’s easily aligned-with and shared.

Consumers make some of their biggest decisions by consulting their smallest screens. To gain a competitive advantage in a crowded marketplace, brands must go beyond merely broadcasting information to inspire deeper and more meaningful interactions. And to streamline the journey from browsing to buying, we help you craft interactive experiences that are frictionless, helpful, and eminently trustworthy.

Experiences and Environments

Even in the digital age, the essence of effective branding is human and emotional. And while transactions are increasingly completed online, the fact remains that in-person experiences are still singular in their ability to shape customers’ perceptions about your brand. We help you conceive and execute “close encounters” that successfully surprise, delight, and inspire your target audience to connect meaningfully with your brand.

From trade shows to demos to retail pop-ups, our experience designs and environments are always envisioned as thoughtful, fully-realized customer journeys. However they culminate–in a self-directed experience, a focused human interaction, or a communal celebration of meaning and purpose–branded experiences fail to matter unless they’re memorable and compelling enough to spark continued conversations and interactions.

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Our competitive spirit and fluid structure make us a multidisciplinary force of nature, switching seamlessly between global branding initiatives, boutique projects, and other creative pursuits.

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