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On Weight Watchers’ New Name: Why Simplicity Isn’t So Simple

Is Weight Watchers' name change the right brand strategy? On the heels of Weight Watchers' recent rebrand, Adweek published a scathing critique, calling the rebrand "directionless and forced." The renaming from Weight Watchers to WW got the most criticism. Now, on one hand, Weight Watchers had the right idea. Like Dunkin' Donuts' recent simplification to Dunkin', these household brand names underwent brand-surgery to get leaner.
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Why Brands Need to Keep It Simple (Seriously)

Brands and, more specifically, marketers LOVE TO TALK. They love it. They love to talk about unique points of differentiation. They love to talk about product benefits. They love to wax poetic about why they're so special, throwing out words like "incomparable," "unparalleled" and "leading edge" to make their point. And after that? It's a laundry list of features crammed into every brand communication, smacking Customers right in the face from the very first impression. And guess what? It's. Not. Working.
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